Bodenburg Butte farms spread out below Pioneer Peak
Matanuska Valley farms grow fresh vegetables for market along with hay and feed grains for cattle and horses. Visitors pay local truck farmers for the privilege of picking their own vegetables and berries in season.  A reindeer farm produces meat and antlers, and a musk ox farm combs qiviut, a soft, warm under wool highly prized for knitted garments, from its animals. Both farms offer tours and information for interested visitors.

Giant Matanuska Valley vegetables at Alaska State Fair

For 11 days each summer, ending on Labor Day, Matanuska and Susitna Valley farmers display the fruits of their labors at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer. A 75.75 lb. rutabaga and a 42.75 lb. beet set new world records in 1999. Seth Dinkel's 92.5 lb. cabbage took top prize in 2001. Of course the fair also includes all the usual attractions from 4H livestock competition and art and craft exhibits to midway rides, food booths, cotton candy, fireworks and a rodeo.

Seth Dinkel, 8, wins 2001 top cabbage grower award: 92.5 lbs.